Monday, August 29, 2005

America's "Great Generation" Is About to be Co-opted by the W, Rove and Co

You know that the W, Rove and Co are in serious trouble when they are working to steer allusions and comparisons of their Capitalist Venture in Iraq away from Vietnam and toward co-opting one of the greatest triumphs of the past Century, WWII and Vets of that War. As Radar O'Riely said, "Wait for it." The delivery happens tomorrow in another shower of propaganda set against a patriotic backdrop in San Diego. If I were a veteran of the WW II, I would be prepared to get pissed of while getting pissed on and maligned as W does his best to make himself look good at these heroes expense.

Incidentally, knowing that a number of bloggers are out there in San Diego, perhaps we will get some eye witnesses to blog about the forthcoming spin cycle out of the W, Rove and Co.


Q Scott, can you look ahead a little bit to tomorrow, to what the President is going to talk about in San Diego?

MR. McCLELLAN: It might be better for me to do a little bit more on that later today. I mean, just as a very general matter -- you're asking about the remarks, or you're just asking about the day, or all of the above?

Q Mostly remarks.

MR. McCLELLAN: First, on the remarks, tomorrow's remarks are really focused on commemorating our World War II veterans and it's a commemoration of World War II. Now, in the context of the remarks, the President will draw some historical comparisons between the war that we were fighting then and the war that we are fighting -- the global war that we're engaged in now. So I think that there will be some comparisons there between the murderous ideology that we were -- that we joined together to defeat back in World War II and the murderous ideology that we're working to defeat today. But it's -- the remarks really are focusing on commemorating World War II and our veterans and all those who sacrificed -- made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of freedom.

Q It's at a Navy base. Will there be a Naval audience?

MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, it's a Naval station there, and so it will be military personnel who will be the primary audience. I think, and I'll double check all this and try to get you more information later in the day, but when the President gets there, I think he's going to be visiting with a number of doctors and medical personnel that are there. Then he'll make the remarks following that. Q Will he be meeting with any families of war dead?

MR. McCLELLAN: Let me just double check. Let me just double check that. There might be -- I think there are some wounded troops that are there, but let me just double check that. I'll get you more information on that later today. And I'll try to give you a little bit more of a preview. He's still been working on the draft for tomorrow. That's why I didn't want to go too much further into it. But, I mean, I think you should look at it overall as a commemorative speech.

Q Is it at the Coronado Naval Air Station or is this going to be at the Naval base itself? MR.

McCLELLAN: It will be the Naval Air Station -- the Naval Air Station. Anything else?

As luck would have it, I am currently reading Churchill's tome "Triumph and Tragedy." The comparison, correlation of any parallels draw by W will no doubt ring hollow. [some of my comments follow as I posted on Blue Collar Poltics, the blog that alerted me to this passage - hat tip] The W of W, Rove and Co is not nearly the stature of the leaders of yesterday. Making comparisons is not only, not fair, it is not appropriate, and is morally reprehensible. They stoop to no new lows, but dig themselves a path way to hell - do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.

Unlike W, Churchill, when his term was up did not profess to having finished the job or make media stunts proclaiming "mission accomplished." Here's the last bit from the last paragraph of his "Victory Broadcast" starting on page 766 of my copy read to the public on 13 May 1945:

I told you hard things at the beginning of these last five years; you did not shrink, and I should be unworthy of your confidence and generosity if I did not still cry: Forward, unflinching, unswerving, indomitable, till the whole task is done and the whole world is safe and clean.

No doubt Bush will try and draw the parallels, but the test will be whether the public eats the pudding without gagging on the product. In my view, by drawing these connections, he adds nothing but shame upon his house and more fuel to the flames that burn it down.

Oh, on another brilliant stroke of nepotism, we find out that Scott McMessage McClellan's brother also has a nice sweet Taxpayer supported gig with the W, Rove and Co. Did you know Dr. McClellan is on our payroll? Just read the press briefing and Scottyboy fesses right up. Nice to know the W, Rove and Co. Friends and Family Gravy Train is running smoothly.

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