Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fighting Terrorists

No doubt many have heard or read the words of W stipulating that we won't give up on the fighting of terrorists. Sometimes a blogger hits the nail on the head in a post, and other times in a comment. Today, I found Kn@ppster hitting it again in a reply to some other reichwingers commentary:
Comment: The terrorist's will not stop killing us, even if we quit fighting them.
Kn@ppster Reply: I never suggested they would. As a matter of fact, I've suggested we START fighting them, instead of fighting everyone else.
Good point. Too bad we decided to kill so many Iraqis instead of an equal number of terrorists.

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Ken Grandlund said...

Despite claims to the contrary, I think that most of the neo-cons actually believe that anyone not connected to their brand of corporate Christianity should be considered terrorists and thus killed or locked up. Hence their assault on so many American citizens who only want some clarification of this administrations plans (as if the admin HAD a clear plan)!