Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another Good Question for Cindy's List

Went for a nice long run this AM, in the woods, thankful I was out and able to finish the loop 10 minutes faster than usual. Even so, I got to thinking. Do you think W slept well the night he authorized the bombing of Iraq low these few years ago? Do you think he sleeps well now?

For some reason, I wish to think that he didn't sleep well and agonized over the decision to bomb the Iraqis with such gravity that his gut hurt for sixteen hours in a row and to this day. Unfortunately, his cavalier attitude and trite rhetorical spin about the "war on terror" and the "spreading of freedom," makes me think otherwise.

So, this leads me to another couple of good question for W (and no doubt the Rove and Co as they usually provide him with his answers) to add to Cindy's list should she ever recieve an audiance with W - that is, if he were to sprout balls some day in the near future that would give him the courage to face someone of her stature:
How well do you sleep, and can you explain the difference between how well you sleep versus how well the parents of children serving (or have served, but are now dead) in harms way sleep?

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