Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meanwhile, the Terrorists have the latest and greatest technology deployed: - Sub Title: the Terrorist Wack-a-Mole

This is disturbing (view the video). Can we just track down how the various computer and handicam retailers are able to get the latest technology to various terrorists? Ha, if only it were that easy.

It seems like the whole war against terror is only working to generate more, sophistocated terrorists not unlike the wack-a-mole game at your county fair. Hit one down and several more pop up, as big, bold and badder than the last one you killed.

On June 29, the new release hit the Internet. "All Religion Will Be for Allah" is 46 minutes of live-action war in Iraq, a slickly produced video with professional-quality graphics and the feel of a blood-and-guts annual report. In one chilling scene, the video cuts to a brigade of smiling young men. They are the only fighters shown unmasked, and the video explains why: They are a corps of suicide bombers-in-training

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Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Yeah, bro; I'd say that's a little bit alarming and disturbing. Electronically sophisticated terrorists... just wonderful, eh? And to think these jerks really think this is what God wanted to see from his children when He commanded "Thou shalt not murder".

I wish them all the luck in the world. BAD luck, that is.