Wednesday, August 31, 2005

GW Lesson 1 - If you Start A War, it is Good for Troop Morale if your Children Also Enlist

Eleanor Roosevelt writes in her book "This I Remember" this historical lesson that the W, Rove and Co seem to have forgotten (page 19 of my copy). That is, if you are going to start a war you truly believe in, perhaps you aught let, suggest, and encourage your offspring to enlist:

Perhaps it is well at this point to clear up a story that has come back to me at various times: that our youngest son, John, was a conscientious objector and a pacifist and did not want to go into the service. Like every other young man I know, he was not, in the years before we were attacked, eager to go to war. He was working hard and getting on well and his own life absorbed him. Once we were at war, however, there never was any question for him, any more than there was for any of our other sons. Whatever had to be done for the war had to be done, and none of them dreamed of being a conscientioius objector or a pacifist.
Many have asked, if this war in Iraq is so righteous, why haven't the twins signed up? I second that question.

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SheaNC said...

Gee, the liberals defended democracy, but the right-wing youth refuse to fight the war they claim to champion? Hmm.

According to a source I read (I'll try to find the link) not one of the able-bodied Bush youth (about a half-dozen or so) are participating in their family's war. Except to fill their trust funds, of course.