Thursday, January 20, 2005

Which god is the right god?

Another question came to me as our Theocracy is now official for four more years. When Islam, the world's largest religion is our target, what makes us think that our god is the right god?

All this talk about "god" raises the legitimate question, whose god is the right god? And why should we belive you?


I Am The Walrus said...

Reminds me of the Dylan song...With God on Our Side

: JustaDog said...

It's not really an issue of right or wrong, it's which God was behind the foundations of this country when it was formed. I'm not religeous, but I know a little history and those founding fathers did not bow toward mecca nor did they practice the religion of Isalmic hate.

windspike said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but there was a strong intention to separate church and state in the Constitution, no?

Dr. Forbush said...

If you think that Islam is a religion of hate then you would also need to say that Christianity is also a religion of hate.

However, neither is true by the teachings in their holy books. The problem is when people like George W Bush start a crusade against Islam. Or people like Osama bin Laden crash planes into our cities. 99% of the Isamic people are not terrorists. Just like 99% of Christians believe in peace.