Sunday, January 09, 2005

More proof that fundmentalist-right-wing christians are fascists

Check out this url. It ought get your britches in a snarl. Sounds like these folks have their sphincters laced so tight, they hurt everyone. Just what we need are more gun toting, trigger happy Christians.


Who We Are and What We (And God) Believe

Unsaved, not welcomed...

We Believe in the WHOLE Bible (1611 KJV). We don't throw out the parts that make us feel uncomfortable, like the book of Leviticus. We bid you greetings, friend. We do not read, eat, consume, digest, or 'try on' any product that is not made and manufactured by born-again, Bible believing, Fundamentalist Baptist Christians, and we would have you know that we condemn anyone that does, and pray as King David did, 'against them' for a quick end and a speedy journey to a very hot place, where they can spend out all eternity honoring our Lord and Maker in a literal lake of fire, Amen. Please find our site a blessing.!

End slice:

I suppose since they use 22pt bold faced font, that they really do believe the same things as god...I wonder, are they on god's side, or is god on their side?


Deb said...

Jesus!...that was one nasty site. At first I couldn't believe they are for real. They had a Bible punishment quiz. I got the 1st one wrong (of course) and it said "WRONG-DEMON!" Damn. I ended up getting 7 out of 10 "correct" according to them I don't think they will be looking for me.

Also on the site was the NRA link; and an animation of a woman throwing a rock shouting "God Told Me to Kill You".

One of the Bible questions was: "What punishment does God mandate for a man who rapes a virgin?" Answer: The rapist and his victim shall be married.

Holy bejesus....that was nasty bad. Mainstream Christians: this is your mess. Clean it up.

windspike said...

Yes, yes, yes...I was astounded as well. I had to do a double and triple take on this web location thinking first that it was the folks from The Onion really doing a bang up job spoofing rightwingers...but alas, it is a genuine article, making it all the more creepy.