Sunday, January 16, 2005

So much for Security of the Social Sort

Lots of alliteration for over anxious anchors....Okay, I couldn't resist the line from Broadcast news after typing the headline for this post.

And while we are busy getting ourselves into a deeper end of the quicksand that is the Middle East, Bush continues to forge ahead and dismantle some high quality domestic policies.

Slice 1:

Behavioral economics has vital implications for retirement savings. But in his zeal to privatize Social Security - a quest which is itself driven more by ideology than economics - President Bush is obscuring better approaches to a comfortable retirement for all Americans.

End slice 1.

Slice 2:

This is what we should do about Social Security: At the same time we acknowledge that it is the most successful domestic program in American history, we should also admit that Social Security, in its present form, is unsustainable. And then we should come up with a plan that is different than what President Bush and most of the pundits are proposing.

End Slice Two:

All I know is that the 40 million dollars being spent on the big inagural party in a few days could go a long way for shoring up some of these endangered programs. Not to mention the hidden costs for the Big Bushit Bash (e.g. 12 Million of Homeland Security bux spent on the security for the event).

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