Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Here's a fun generalization about republican and conservative bloggers

Found this blogger on blogexplosion. Check out the post from today:


Ladies and gentlemen I have stumbled upon a disturbing secret. 90% of conservative blogs are actually being written by brain washed monkeys. The monotonous tone of the content, mixed with the weird primal behavior patterns, leave no room for doubt. They all have a strikingly similar, some might say..Robotic, method of discourse and rebuttal. They are all quoting misinformation and faulty facts from the same play book. In an age when Dogs have their own blog and Cat's are being given college degrees online from prestigious universities, it would only follow that the Republican party would use both the power of the internet, and the trainablity of the monkey to accomplish their goals of ruling the world. Here are some of the things that tipped me off:

*They all get agitated when you try to get them off message for five seconds. It's like the computer chip in their brain sends a signal to a strategically implanted wire that then zaps them in the ass.
* The word "liberal" makes them foam at the mouth, bare teeth and squeal.
* When confronted with logic they all start ranting about Hillary Clinton. Even if the topic had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. You mention the war in Iraq, and for some reason they throw up the Hillary Clinton shield. If you piss them off they will type Hillary Clinton five thousand times and then they will throw their poo at you....

End slice:

You get the idea. I had a good laugh. Enjoy as you click over.


R said...

Hey thanks for showing my post! I am the author, Rhonda. You can find the rest of it at MY blog http://fromlookoutmountain.blogspot.com (Skinny Dipping with The President) The funny thing about seeing it where you did, is I was asked to guest blog for a CONSERVATIVE site...and that is what I posted. ha ha. That will teach em. Love your site! You rock!!

Daniel said...

It really has surprised me, the shear amount of conservative blogs. Weird. I went to blog explosion the other day, and im sure the skull and bones group is kicking money into that thing, it has to be a conspiracy. I remember when the internet was hippies from california trading hash cake recipies....ahhh.....Lament.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Permalink to the monkey post (now down the page at the source).

Yes, it's fun(ny).