Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Unity? More like Black Thursday: A Dark Day for Democracy

Unity, my ass. There is no unifying this country. Sorry to report that here, but the truth hurts.

The 20th of Jan. is going to be more like Black Thursday round about here. What a depressing day it is to actually have to acknowledge that will be to have to tollerate this arrogant, biggoted, classist, coke snorting, frat boy for four more years.

I am wearing black all day. Who's with me?


Al said...

It's up to you to unify.

Don't expect the other guy to do it.

Ms Mac said...

Hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
Being from the other side of the Atlantic I'm not sure that it's my place to comment on the inauguration of the president but at least you can rest in the knowledge that there are a lot of foreigners on your side!

windspike said...

Did you read my "hug a rupublican" entry posted in November?

Obviously not. Unification is a two way street. Just ask the folks living in Isreal and Palistine.

when you have leaders pushing people apart, it is hard for anything except polarization to happen.