Sunday, January 23, 2005

Winners and Losers

It occurs to me, as of late, that there is a bitter division between the right and left wings (and those in between) of our fair nation. There has been a fair amount of whining in both the winner and loser categories of this past election. I thought it would be interesting to see if we could document the winnners and losers in the comments of this post. That said, let's resolve to identify the winners and their respective losers here in, and your interpretation of the result.

While this is not a new idea, I don't think it has been done as a rolling blog post. I'll get us started.

Winners, Republicans
Losers, Democrats
Result: Divisiveness and bitterness on both sides

Winner: Bush
Loser: Kerry
Result: Swing toward Monotheistic Theocracy

Added this one on 25 Jan 2005:

Winner: Halliburton (Lots and lots of unsolicited contracts, and over charging for gas)
Losers: American Tax Payers (to the tune of, oh, let's be soft, about 200 billion)
Result: A bigger quagmire than Vietnam, no end in sight.
You're next...


wanda said...

Well, one could say depending on the outcome, we may all eventually be winners or losers.
Oddly enough I don't remember this kind of bitterness during the early Clinton years, or the elder Bush's years. Maybe I was asleep at the wheel.
The roots seem to lie in that vast right wing conspiracy to bring down Clinton (during his second term) and to have only gotten worse with the continued vast right wing conspiracy to steal the election of 2000.
If the Dems are whiners the Repubs would silence all those who do not agree with and share their point of view and agenda.
There always has been and always will be a winning side and a losing side. In order for there to remain a balance in government it is vital that the winning be shared equally by both sides. The Dem's had the 90's, the 00's belong to the Repub's. Only time will tell if the system will right it's self with a return of the Dem's in 08. Personally I think there should be time limits on how long either party may stay in control. Now there's a radical idea for discussion!
Incidently I could sure use your help in the ongoing debates we have going on over at my blog. Slagle Rock and Delftsman3 are swamping my meager self.
Wanda ( Words on A Page )

Ben said...

Fun blog - keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

''Always stay in with the outs!''  

Remembering that one day you'll be out of power is an old rule in politics.

Newt and the Republican's ''Now it's our turn'' long ago put paid to that. There is such a thing as being a gracious winner.

The emergence of the religious-right, i. e., the bigots, as a swing factor assiduously courted by the Republicans, gives the believers, as opposed to the ''reality-based community,'' those who willingly admit the possibility of error: the believers, maybe 20% of Republican support, have yet to be repudiated by the Republicans. They will be repudiated when the Republicans come to realize that they'll vote Republican anyway, having no where else to go. Sponge Bob Square Pants is a Democrat.

You don't get elected to Congress without certain aspirations. They all secretly want to be President. Or the head of a committee. And they all want to be reelected. This leads to division within whatever party is in the majority as the players try to separate themselves from the herd. Party lines will be crossed by necessity if anyone is to prevail, confirming the rule, Politics makes strange bedfellows. Enjoy the weirdness.

Arancaytar said...

There is a German proverb that states that the increased forms of "enemy" go as follows: enemy, archenemy, fellow party member... ^_^