Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wrap your mind around these gems

I can't resist. West is so very good. Here is more wisdom by Cornel West in his new book, Domocracy Matters:

Page 27 - The dogma of free market fundamentalism has run amok, and the pursuit of profits by any legal (or illegal) means - with little or no public accountability - guides the behavior of the most powerful and influential institutions in our lives: transnational corporations...Their frantic race to the bottom line indeed lifts some boats yet it often pollutes the water and empties out the democratic energies necessary to guide the ship of state....The saturation of market forces and market moralities has indeed corrupted our system all the way up. Our leadership elite have themselves lost faith in the efficacy of adhering to democratic principles in the face of the overwhelming power of those market forces...

Page 29: Teh hallmark of political nihilism is the public appeal to fear and greed, and too much of American politics today has been reduced to such vulgar appeals. Just so, Bush promoted his irresponsible tax cuts by offering the largely chimerical promise of a child-tax rebate, and promoted his repressive Patriot Act by appealing to the fear of terrorism. A political nihilist is one who is not simply intoxicated with the exercise of power but also obsessed with stifling any criticism of that exercise of power. He will use clever arguments to rationalize his will to power and deploy skillful strategies, denying the pain and suffering he may cause, in order to shape the world and control history in light of the pursuit of power.

Page 30-1: ...the hawks in the Bush administration - are not simply conservative elites and right-wing ideologues. More pointedly, they are evangelical nihilists, drunk with power and driven by grand delusions of American domination of the world. And they have been willing to lie and to abuse their control of American power in order to pursue that dominance... [unlike Ronald Reagan, their idol] the new hawks seem to believe that America's might actually determines what is right. In this tradition of thinking, we would't be so powerful if we weren't right, so our might show that we are right...who show no respect for Socratic questioning of their positions and actions. They even characterize such questioning as unpatriotic.


an average patriot said...

Hi Aaron
You know I agree with that and then some. I have said that so many times it's sickening. I wish someone would listen, and what we said would make a difference.
As you pointed out, things are done today only to keep power and control. Doing the right thing does not matter. The quest for profits is the driving force today.
Pushing aside morality and the good of your fellow man, citizens, and society, financial gain and political power are held above all. This has to stop if we are to move into the future successfully as a prosperous society.
We must return to Thomas Jefferson's thought, belief, and understanding, during his day, of doing the right thing for society for the sake of doing the right thing once you became a member of that society.
Then we have to worry about what Bush has done to the middle east and the world in his quest for a new order that has already failed but will end in total disorder.
You know, I put together that doctrine of destruction when I ran into the word nihilism 3 years ago. Everything made instant sense to me as to what Bush was doing to us, the middle east, and the world, and what he was going to do in the future.
When I saw that Wurmser document I sent you yesterday it verified everything I have been saying. What stinks is bush will only lie and deny everything as you pointed out. So the truth is worthless. It is so debilitating.
What I started out to say is that everyone seems to have been familiar with the doctrine of nihilism but me. Until I accidently found it in the dictionary I never heard of it.

Anyway, have a nice day!

windspike said...


I like your statement:"a new order that has already failed but will end in total disorder" Sounds like a good title for a blog post.

thanks for digging through my archive. I may dust these off for posting at BIO. What do you think?