Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Inauguration Fun - Can you believe it takes 40 mill to toss a party like this?

I am still astonished that Bush and his supporters (if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter), are doing their part to stimulate the D.C. drunken party circut economies to the tune of at least 40 million bux.

I put my name in for some tickets. Let's see if I get them. I have friends in DC that could use them in the event that I actually get some. I requested tix to the ball so that I might actually ask Jena and Barbara why they have yet to enlist in one of the Armed Services to better serve their country and help their pappy win the war on terror.

Here are some fun links that will help you negotiate your way through this opulent display and homage to the capitalist pigs and their voter-elected lackeys in the political arena.

Link 1 - Mike's Inauguration Guide

Link 2 - Ways to protest the inauguration

Link 3 - A place to request tix to see if you could get them and not use them
wouldn't it be fun to have no one show up to the parties they are throwing, or at least have half the room not fill up as an indication that just about half the country didn't vote for these bozos

Link 4 - A really good idea for those of us who do get in to act as witness

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