Monday, January 24, 2005

Mass Media Propaganda Machine is getting desperate

Saw this in our local rag: Aparently the print media is getting desperate for content. Reporting on blogging as a new form of news delivery. Some think this is good exposure. I suggest that this is the nell pealing for the decline of newsprint across the board.

I say, good riddance, and let's hope it saves some trees in the process.


Pete said...

I agree, Who needs them anyway. I can't remember when was the last time I picked up a Newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Baby vs. Baby-and-bathwater  

Local advertisers pay for most reporting that comes to you by way of your local paper. Were there local bloggers that would attend school board, board of finance, police commission, planning and zoning meetings, and post condensed and newsworthy items there would be no problem. But Who is going to do it?

How many blogs are dependent on local or national online versions of paper publications for the initial hook? even if the blog expansion is better than the initial online-paper report?

Dead trees are not a scarce resource. The New York Times has plantations of trees, which, like chickens for nuggets, would not exist but for the fact of Times harvesting. The Times harvests a lot. They also plant a lot. There's a 20-year cycle, all fast growing species.

On a long term basis, no profit equals no reportage. From The New York Times. Or from the blogs.