Thursday, January 06, 2005

Perhaps no on else wants to work for W

Gonzales, perhaps, is the only one willing/stupid enough to work for W. He may be a nut, and supportive of torture, but he's Bush's kind of nut, nonetheless. Once again, we are flunking the "Global Test," as we find out that he was one person in favor of no rights for prisoners.

Slice from Daily KOS:

To get around the inconvenience of the Geneva Conventions, the administration twisted the roles of the legal counsels of the White House, the Pentagon and the Justice Department beyond recognition. Once charged with giving unvarnished advice about whether political policies remained within the law, the Bush administration's legal counsels have been turned into the sort of cynical corporate lawyers who figure out how to make something illegal seem kosher - or at least how to minimize the danger of being held to account.

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