Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Only the Nihilists Tremble in Their Boots"

Here are some more tasty quotes to wrap your brain around from Cornel West's book, Democracy Matters.

On page 39 :

Market-obsessed nihilism - the corporation as the embodiment of absolute will - is the Achilles' heel of American democracy that parades as its crown jewel...

[on to page 41 - yet] We are exceptional because of our denial of the antidemocratic foundation stones of American democracy. No other democratic nation revels so blatantly in such self-deceptive innocence, such self-paralyzing reluctance to confront the night-side of its own history....

[and more from page 42] It is when we confront the challenges of our antidemocratic inclinations as a country that our most profound democratic commitments are born, both on the individual and on the societal level. Only the nihilists among us tremble in their boots at such a prospect.

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Anonymous said...

Corporations Bad?  

Multinationals have a vested interest in a peaceful world. They want their customers and suppliers to be healthy and prosperous.

A corporation is a fictional person, a creature of the state created for convenience. They are limited in their rights because they cannot perform many of the obligations of living people. They should be limited to things that corporations can do, make things, sell things, enter into contracts, pay taxes, issue stock, etc.. They should not have free speech or other rights that are unique to individuals, like marriage (to cite an extreme example). Corporations can't be drafted to serve in wars (you can't shoot one), they can't be sent to jail.

If corporations were not permitted in law, we would have to find another entity equally convenient. Though we might change its bundle of rights and obligations.