Monday, January 17, 2005

W - expert at making himself look good and the Dems in Congress look bad

Here's a nice little story about how W is helping higher education by "fixing" the Pell Grant system. Which, by the way, was really dismantled by Ronald Reagan round about 1983. Just ask my sister how much "financial aid" she recieved entering college in 1984 versus what I recieved by entering one year earlier in 1983.


President Bush announced on Friday that he will seek to raise the maximum Pell Grant by $500, to $4,550, over the next five years, as well as to eliminate a $4.3-billion shortfall that has plagued the program for the past several years.

Speaking at Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Mr. Bush made clear that he does not plan to request additional money to achieve these goals. Instead, the president said he would ask Congress to generate savings by "reforming" the federal guaranteed student-loan program, which relies on banks and other types of lenders to deliver money to students.

End slice:

You have got to love the legislate, but don't appropriate modus operandi that lets slippery politicians off the hook in the eyes of the media, but subjects the infrastructure to undue stress.

No doubt, the Demcrats in congress with any kind of conscience will need to oppose this measure - which will make them look bad, when in actuality they are working to save the system and others that will be hurt by the grand fiscal shuffle caused by a President who has really worked wonders in spending beyond his means.

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