Thursday, January 27, 2005

Saving America's Families

Out for my AM run, I hit on an interesting solution to some of the tougher problems plaging American families. If we are serious about doing right by our children, we may want to do some other things besides ban GLBT folks from getting hitched.

Solution 1 - Stop corpulent or obese people from marrying.

Solution 2 - Stop people who smoke from marrying.

Both have been proven to lead to childhood obesity or smoking in children. Working to institute these bans (Solutions 1 & 2) would do a lot to stave off potentially dangerous situations for our American families and even death (either by diabetes or any number of smoking related illnesses.).

Slice from Dr. Sears:

Do fat parents usually produce fat children? Statistics say yes. Lean parents have only a seven percent chance of having an obese adolescent. If one parent is obese, there is a forty percent chance their child will be obese. If both parents are obese, the probability of the child's being obese may be as high as eighty percent.

End slice:

Slice from European Study recently published

Abstract: - In this paper, we investigate the intergenerational transmission of smoking behavior from parents to their children using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel, surveyed in 1999 including 813 youths aged 16 through 19. We find strong evidence, that parental smoking significantly increses the probablity that their children likewise become smokers....

...In fact, there is no biological human need to smoke, but people still chose to do so and most start in their teenage years. A young person not having smokers in his/her environment would have accordingly little incentive to smoke, and any supposed benefits would be non-existent or unknown....

End slice:

So far, there have been no studies that empirically show that Gay Parents will yeild Gay Children. Moreover, even if they did, children wouldn't be as harmed as children living with and being raised by obese smokers as parents.


birdwoman said...

Dude, you're trying that daggone LOGIC thing again. People who are against gay marriage and gay adoption don't oppose it, most times, based on logic. It's based on pure gut emotion and crowd behavior. The best of human traits!

You know, I've skimmed through your blog back to here hoping to see a post on education, as I liked your blurb at the top, but didn't see one. Guess I'll have to dig further...


Cranky Liberal said...

Amen to that!