Sunday, January 16, 2005

Why is Eeyore always sad?

I was playing a game of memory/concentration with my son this afternoon. This was the Winnie the Pooh version. He asked, "Why is Eeyore always sad, daddy?"

I really had no answer. Do you have one? He is two months shy of 3 years old. How would you explain that to him?

The thought crossed my mind to say, "Well, it is becuase we really have an imeicile for president and he has us stuck in a war that is untenable." But that would be a much tangled thicket to get into.

Another possible answer, "well, son, perhaps it is becuase he is always losing his tail."

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Ben said...

I think you took the best option - I might have been tempted to say the more damaging: "Because he's been crushed by the weight of the world, son. That's the sort of thing you should be worrying about."