Friday, January 14, 2005

Accontability is always easier to push on other people

Another reporter points out the W adminstration hypocrites are at it again. Bush, flapping his gums about CBS fails to realize he hasn't fired anyone who told him false things (or lies as we like to call them here).

Read this article in the Washington Post:


It took no less a sage than President Bush to put the firing of four high-level CBS News employees in perspective: "CBS said they would act. They did. And I hope their actions are such that this doesn't happen again."

This from the man who fired not a single person in his entire administration for getting nearly everything wrong about Iraq and taking the nation to war for reasons that did not exist or were downright specious.

Lucky for Bush he's only the president of the United States and not the head of CBS. Let us call the roll: George Tenet, who assured the president that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? A graceful retirement and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Don Rumsfeld, who approved a battle plan of such brilliance that a 30-day war against a weak Third World country is still going on and shows no sign of ending? He stays in the Cabinet.

Condi Rice, the national security adviser who allowed the president to tell the world of Iraq's nuclear weapons program when it had none whatsoever? She is nominated to become secretary of state.

Vice President Cheney, who insisted against all evidence and with no evidence that Iraq was fast becoming a nuclear power, and who maintained that there was a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? He stays on the ticket and remains a heartbeat away from the presidency.

End slice:

My dad puts it nicely: "Hypocrisy! such fun. The Administration has standards for others, none for themselves."

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