Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bush - Incubating hypocrisy from the Capital Steps

We are wearing black here. Memorializing democracy and hoping it doesn't get worse in four years or less.

Listening to our commander-in-thief make a mockery of all that is integrity. He spoon feeds us hypocrisy and the adoring public eats it up. There are way to many contradictions of behavior and espoused beliefs to point them all out in his speach.

Freedom at the barrel of a gun is a matter of perspective. At one end, you are the purveyor of freedom. At the other, you are coerced toward the oppressor’s agenda. A liberation operation looks more like an invasion depending whether or not you live in the country that has been “liberated.”

Freedom at the receiving end of a gun is not.

Certainly our freedom and democracy must be defended. And it will be. But we have to ask, Freedom by whose definition?

Long ago, I was at a UN Conference for Sustainable Living in Turkey. There was a large scale protest from second and third world countries. The main thrust of their argument was that the values of the "first" world countries were being jammed down their throats.

The president's message to the world is essentially, Freedom will come to you, whether you want it or not, and as long as it looks like our brand of freedom, we won't bug ya.

Who is the big bully now?

The question that came to my mind as I was running this morning is this: Does the executioner go to the same hell as the transgressor? For all the civilians lives lost about the globe due to our "liberation" efforts, how is slippery little W going to get out of meeting his own judgement and being banished from heaven? Perhaps it is the same logic the suicide bomber uses in exploding themselves up for the cause. Martyrdom isn't cheep. Simply becuase you believe your actions will take you to heaven does that mean it will be so?


Anonymous said...

I am registered Democrat.

I am not sticking up for the actions, but you sound to me like a sore loser. As Democrats we need to look ahead and find a candidate 2008 that can win. That means quit whining.

In order to win we cannot afford more movement to the left. We must move to the center. All this whining makes me ashamed of being a Democrat, get over it and do some thing about it.


Anonymous said...

''Move to the center?''  

The Democrats are the center. Just because the Republicans could mobilize their looney base is no reason to give up on what Democrats stand for. If one is known by the company one keeps, standing with old Europe is not a bad thing.

What would it take for a Bush voter to vote Democratic? If you have no ''How-to'' (make that happen), ''moving to the center'' is just code for giving up on everything good that Democrats fought for. Losing to liars (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz) is no sin. Eventually a majority will figure that out.