Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Water Is Wide

But, I can't cross o'er. Nor do I have the wings to fly...

Don't ask me why, but this tune of floating through my noggin at this very instant. Perhaps it has to do with the Abramoff situation - and the fact that he had deep reservoirs of ill gotten booty that he distributed to various conservatives so that they could steal elections (E.G. GW Bush in 2004, or Tommy DeLay, Bob Ney, and other W, Rove and Co. cronies/lackeys).

Or perhaps it's yet another attempt by The Big Dick to play politics with 9/11 and push our emotional hot buttons.

Or more powerfully, perhaps, it's all about the news of more carnage in Iraq that would not have likely had happened if we never went there in the first place.

The water, indeed, is wide, but the oceans are not powerful enough to stop terrorists who learn and hone their lethal skills in Iraq from coming on over here and executing US Citizens on US soil. Once that carnage starts, the blame will rest with the administration that trained terrorists by providing live, strong targets on their homelands for practice. And by every step, the W, Rove and Co has made the terrorist recruitment pipelines stronger and greased them with stolen oil that they suggest is being used to pay for their "war."

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