Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Democrats Didn't Have Their Hand In Abramoff's Cookie Jar

The Family Circus often has a little character prancing about whenever some kind of mischief has gone down - perpetrated you might say - particularly when no one wants to accept the blame for something devious and naughty: Not Me! Well, indeed!

The repugs might like to have us think the Dems were on the Abramoff list of scum sucking politicians that got the graft, but nope. Have a gander at this video grab posted at Crooks and Liars and then let's talk.

I love folks who suggest it's okay to do something unethical, immoral or illegal simply because the other kid did it. That's like shitting where you live. By doing so, you admit your culpability.

P.S. Don't you love it when TV "news" personalities end interviews with a deep, exasperated exhale?

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Neil Shakespeare said...

"Deep Exasperated Exhale" LOL! Wonderful! Yes, they just can't get it into their pretty little heads, can they? WHY are all these people causing all this trouble like this?! Oh, well. That's the NEWS, I guess! So, Bob, what's the weather?