Sunday, January 29, 2006

The New Republican Party is a Murder-Ball

Those of you who have not seen the documentary Murderball, I highly recommend you put it on your Netflix must see list. It's a great film and powerful story of overcoming dramatic obstacles. But that is not why I am typing this post.

In the tail end of the film, the murderball players make a visit to Walter Reed Hospital to inspire some Iraqi War vets who had various limbs torn from them and the minds completely fucked with while they were blown to bits in the name of the W, Rove and Co.'s glorious "noble" cause. That's not altogether astonishing, and indeed the work the players were doing with these vets was inspiring.

What threw me for a loop was how young these kids were. These were not grizzled Vietnam Vets in wheel chairs. These were fresh faced teenagers, now saddled with life altering injuries. Certainly, when a whole party advocates for an illegitimate war in places we never should have gone into in the first place, they should be held to a higher standard of responsibility for these folks that were injured in their war. More succinctly, it seems to me that the new republican party under the direction of the W, Rove and Co has hosted (for quite some time and with no end in sight) a Murder Ball in the big kitty litter box we know as Iraq. If it's their party, but why are they not dancing in it?

On what day does the R.O.I. not become worth the outlay, when one more dead GI is too many dead GIs, when one more quadriplegic GI is one too many?

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