Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Means And The Ends

I was out running this AM and thinking. I know, you get a lump in your throat every time I start a post this way - But I did, per usual, start thinking about this charade of a government we know well as the W, Rove and Co.

I got to thinking that the modus operandi for the W, Rove and Co is a lot like this recurring nightmare I have - that I go for a run and lace up the shoes and about mid-way through the run, I find I am running naked through the neighborhoods on my usual path. Sure, I get my run in, but do the means justify the ends? Meanwhile, my neighbors - well, who knows what they think - they arlready think I'm nutty for running in weather they wouldn't send out their constipated dog out in.

But the president and his administration, as it seems it has become the Standard Operating Procedure - is to suggest to the American people that the means indeed justify the ends, regardless of the legal and civil liberty implications. This raises two questions for me - Let's call these Windspike's Sure Happy It's Thursday Questions du jour:
First, do you feel more or less protected by the government (given that both 9/11 and Katrina happened on W's watch)?

Second, do the ends purported to have been accomplished by the W, Rove and Co justify their means in getting said results?

Let me know what you think.

This whole idea resonated for me as I was listening to NPR this AM post run and hearing about how the Shrubster obfuscated his way around questions as to why he circumvented FISA to subject us to his illegal spying program. I was going to post on this AM's speechifying by the Shrub, but the links on the whitehouse dot gov location are not showing any of today's action. Will get to it when they do. Blog on all.


Ken Grandlund said...

Do I feel safer? Of course not...they've done little but foment more hatred of America and nothing to secure our nations borders.

and since the ends have not been achieved, in my book, then of course the means are of no relevence, except for the fact that they are destroying this country on the inside.

Lily said...

Yes, the means are yet another form of violence, in a different way but destructive just the same. Have seen you about, Windspike, and meant to come by as I read Kvatch every day...thank you for your post, especially the constipated dog thing... smiling makes the bad news easier to take in... :)

Neil Shakespeare said...

No and No.