Monday, January 23, 2006

Whoops: Another Photoshoped Photo Op for the President: Subtitle -How Can One Man Get So Many Softball Questions In A Crowd of About 9K?

Is it me, or does it look like another photoshoped photo op for the president in Kansas went his way. I read through the text of his speech and the Q & A, and there wasn't a seven year old in the bunch. Not only that, but nary a difficult question at all. Here's all the questions asked of the president today. I'm not going to play propaganda machine for you, but you get the idea from the questions that there wasn't a voice of dissent among the whole lot of the 9K or so folks at today's K-State speechifying.

My initial reaction was - Holy Shit. Holy shit, how did they plant so many questions and stop real Americans from challenging this guy. I am still stunned. Where were the future Helen Thomas's of the world? How did they keep them out.

Let me know if you think I am way off base. Here's the Q portion - all of them. Answers are edited out because it is more tripe from the Prez and I don't like tripe, do you? Of course we were subjected to more pitiful humor to start the Q & A - but with out further ado:
...Be glad to answer some questions if you've got some. Thank you. I think there's some people with microphones and all that, that are going to be out there. Anybody has any questions, any boys from the Last Chance Bar got any questions? Q (Inaudible). (Laughter.)

Q Mr. President.

Q Mr. President, we salute what you have done, your aggressive stance on terrorism. But more than that, as you know, Kansas is a beef state. The number one industry in the state of Kansas is beef production and beef processing. A strong beef industry indicates a strong Kansas, and it affects all of us. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in regaining our markets with Japan, your aggressive stance on trade. We support that tremendously. I wonder if you would just comment on what's happened recently.

Q Thank you, Mr. President. One of the things that most of our Senate delegation has worked tirelessly on is the situation in the Sudan. Sudan was, of course, slated to be the chair of the African Union next year, which is -- they have tried, much like the United Nations, to do something. Does the United States have a larger role to play in the Sudan, and the entire sub-Saharan African region?

Q What is your position, or would you comment on a long-term strategy with respect to the geopolitical ambitions of China and Iran?

Q Hello, Mr. President. I am an American Iraqi Kurd. I would like to salute you and salute all the troops are freeing 27 million people. They are free. (Applause.)

Q Mr. President, I would like to share this thought with all our nation and everybody who is questioning what happened to the chemical weapons. Saddam burned 4,500 villagers. I lost more than 10 members of my family under the ground. We found their bones after, when we freed Iraq. Saddam, himself, and his people, his followers, they are chemical weapons. Please stop questioning the administration and their decision. It was the best decision anybody could take. Freeing 27 million people. (Applause.)

Q Mr. President --

Q Mr. President, all I could tell you, I have two members of my family, they are in the Iraqi parliament. And both of them are women. My sister-in-law and my aunt, they are in the Iraqi parliament. And I would like you to share this happiness with me and with all the Iraqi people. Thank you, Mr. President. (Applause.)

Q My husband is Sunni. My mother-in-law was a Christian, Catholic --

Q I have two kids --

Q I'm from the United Kingdom.

Q Thank you. Although I might be living here for a while now, and you haven't kicked me out, and I thank you very much for that -- (laughter) --

Q Us British, were a querulous people and we know that we're one of your greatest supporters in the world, and Tony Blair, who I have the greatest respect for, is my leader. When you say, "jump," he says, "how high?" At least, that's the perception of many of the British people. And when he agrees and does your bidding, then it weakens him on the home front at home. And many people enjoy this, but some of the more vocal ones will say, he's a yes-man. Have you discussed that with him, and do you have any --

Q I have a question less with politics and more with leadership, in general. You're in a situation where you're under a lot of flack, especially for your character. And that's something that, it seems to me, means a lot to you, as it does to many of us here. As a leader, as many of us are going to need to know here because we're going to be leaders in just a few years, what's the best way that you go about preparing yourself for attacks on your character, and how do you deal with others in those matters?

Q Mr. President, thank you for being here. I served under your father, he was my Commander-in-Chief in Desert Storm. And it was with great interest that I followed your campaign; my husband and I both are great fans of yours. I thank you for making the hard decisions, for making -- not listening to the critics and keeping your campaign promise. And I've been following the confirmation hearings of Judge Alito. And I certainly hope he's confirmed. Q But I'd like to kind of know how it stands right now.

Q Hi. First I'd like to say that when I was first able to cast my vote for President, it was my honor to vote for you -- (inaudible). Can you hear me?

Q My question is about Social Security.

Q Yes. (Inaudible).

Q (Inaudible).

Q (Inaudible).

Q Hi, I just want to get your comments about education. Recently, $12.7 billion was cut from education, and I was just wondering how that's supposed to help our futures? (Applause.)

Q Twelve point seven billion dollars was cut from education, and I was just wondering how is that supposed to help our --

Q Yes.

Q Yes, student loans.

Q Again, I just wanted to thank you for coming. Your speech was very good. I'm a big admirer of your wife. I know that you said that your role as a President was as a decision-maker, and I would like you to comment, please, on how your wife contributes to your decision-making process, and how you confide in her. Thank you.

Q Wisconsin, actually.

Q W is for Wisconsin. You're a rancher. A lot of us here in Kansas are ranchers. I was just wanting to get your opinion on "Brokeback Mountain," if you've seen it yet? (Laughter.) You would love it. You should check it out.

Q Mr. President, I have a question about the nuclear weapons the United States is keeping. It's around 3,000 nuclear weapons, so I want to know your opinion when you are going to destroy them?

Q When you are going to --

Q United States has 3,000 nuclear weapons.

Q Yes. And I want to know your opinion about these weapons of mass destruction, that when the United States is going to destroy the nuclear weapons to prevail the peace in the world.

Q Mr. President -- (speaking Spanish.) I know that the relationship between United States and Venezuela is no good. That's not my problem. My problem is -- or the question I have for you is what are you doing in the borders? We try to secure the United States for terrorism, I know. So we're trying to secure the borders, but, as well, some of us of who are Hispanics and professional sometimes are denied the opportunity to work and advance in the workplace because we are minorities. What are you going to do as a (inaudible) -- what are you going to do provide the most secure job in which we serve the country, we serve the university? I can't complain in this university, I've been treated like royalty here, but when you work outside the university as a Hispanic, you are not look good enough because they think you come from Mexico. I come from Venezuela, which is a different country, but all of us are Hispanics and all of us embrace ourselves in America because America is -- North America, the United States. In Central and South America, where one continents embrace each other. So what are you going to do to provide opportunities for the Hispanics who come to this country legally, like I did? Or who are illegal here? We should help them to get legal here, not provide directly a green card, but help them to become legal in step-by-step --

Q -- like all of us have done. Thank you.

END 1:31 P.M. CST


Anonymous said...

A: ''Intelligent Design''

Q: How Can One Man Get So Many Softball Questions In A Crowd of About 9K?

CNN: Kansas school board redefines science. New standards question accuracy of evolutionary theory. Tuesday, November 8, 2005

enigma4ever said...

Yeah....and hows this...
If he is going to do yet another pissed off ginnedup bellyup to the podium photo-ops...

shouldn't they atleast give him a breathalizer before they let him drive the podium ?