Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Harbingers of Death

Even without the echo of Condi's "mushroom cloud" commentary, todays rhetoric sounds like the Iranians aught be preparing for a carpet bombing in their very near future, courtesy of the warmongers in the Whitehouse. Sounds a lot like the same rhetorical prelude to Iraq. Why is it that folks in the Whitehouse don't talk as vigorously about peace and peaceful resolutions as they point their fingers toward Mars - the God of War?
It does not make much sense to have another meeting if there is nothing new to put on the table," Solana said before meeting Rice at the State Department to discuss how to move ahead with Iran.


michael the tubthumper said...

there are plenty of things on the table. the russian suggestion for a start

Anonymous said...

So Afganastan retired, Iraq in the batter's box, and Iran on deck...who's leaving the dugout about now? North Korea, Yemen, Sudan?

Or perhaps Venezuela for their "reserves-o-plenty"?

SheaNC said...

Speaking of Mars (the planet that is), I wish we could just get back to Bush's plan of going there rather than nuking every country that has oil.

Save the earth... send Bush to Mars!

Neil Shakespeare said...

I think the whole administration should go to Mars.

Eric2 said...

I dunno, Chile just elected a godless commie. I'm sure Shrubya misses Pinochet.