Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Not Work With The Democratically Elected Hamas Government?

With all the tripe dished by the W, Rove and Co about spreading freedom, democracy and a commitment to supporting peoples who are involved in a free election, I got to thinking.

Why is it that the W, Rove and Co suggest that they are unwilling to work with the newly elected folks in the Palestinian Territories? Because they are terrorists? Really? Do they think people who are actively working in a parlementary government have time to strap bombs to themselves?

Or is it that the new, freely elected Palestinian government does not reflect the culture of corruption that made the old Palestinian government a much better match for ours?

Just wondering. Any answers out there in the blogisphere?


SheaNC said...

"Spreading democracy" didn't exactly work out for the Bushists, did it? Unless they actually want a "terrorist" government to justify neocon expansionism...

Anonymous said...

I blogged on this earlier in the week, just before the election. It's deeply ironic that they've stated that they won't work with Hamas. I mean who really believes that Fatah was in absolute control of the militant wing of the PLO?