Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Terrorists In America

Looks like we have some local terrorists. Why aren't the W, Rove and Co. as concerned about nut jobs placing bombs in Starbucks? In my book, local vigilance is going to do more to stop terrorism than any Patriot Act.
Police diffused an explosive device in the bathroom of a Starbucks store Monday afternoon. No one was injured, according to a statement from the company.

San Francisco police spokesman Dewayne Tully confirmed the discovery of the device, but didn't provide additional details. Starbucks said the police disabled the device and later declared the area safe.

The Starbucks store, located at a busy intersection in San Francisco, remained closed late Monday afternoon while police investigated.

Citing the ongoing investigation, Seattle-based Starbucks declined to provide further details.

Vandals have previously targeted Starbucks in San Francisco.

In 2003, police said the windows of 17 Starbucks were clouded with glue and some of the door locks were jammed. The vandals also posted phony notices purporting to be from Starbucks management announcing the company's intention to abandon some of their San Francisco stores to make room for more locally owned coffee houses.


Kvatch said...

As he was taken into custody the main suspect, supposedly an employee of Peet's Coffee and Tea, was heard to shout, "Viva la Barrista verdadero!"

windspike said...

Hey all, I saw an article today on sfgate that said it was just a flashlight with corroded batteries. At least no one was hurt by the slinging of spent coffee grounds. Viva Peets and all peetnicks.