Saturday, January 14, 2006

Alito's Supporters Need A P.S.

So, the Shrub is using the radio again as a bully pulpit (does anyone listen to this weekly address, btw?). Really, we've all heard the repugs creaming their shorts over Alito this past week. What we need is a P.S. - the caveat that all should know what they are getting. Here's the W, Rove and Co unequivocal statement of support (remember, if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter - points to the blogger who can identify the film I stole this line from). Let's add some P.S. to that afterward.
Now the Senate has a duty to give Judge Alito a prompt up-or-down vote. I look forward to the Senate voting to confirm Sam Alito as 110th Justice of the Supreme Court. America is fortunate to have a man of his intellect and integrity willing to serve, and as a Justice on our Nation's highest court, Sam Alito will make all Americans proud.All
those who say, Not Me! to this president, raise your hands. Okay. So here's the caveats in the message that doesn't come across as nicely and neatly as they coud:
With the microphone off, Shrub winks to his lovely interns and says - "Oh and P.S.
  1. We can count on him to overturn Roe V. Wade
  2. He will make sure I get a clean slate in any war crime trials when that comes up
  3. He will make sure I am not tossed into prison for illegally wire tapping the American people"
You get the idea. Why haven't the democrats or anyone else for that matter worked to make these things plain for the public even though Alito himself was obfuscating with the best of them over the past week?


Anonymous said...

Sam Alito will make all Americans proud. All

Well if the Shrubster says it, then it must be true. Let's just do away with that "advise and consent," clause shall we It's just a bother. Then the Dems won't need to bring anything up, and the Repubs can stop kvetching about the nuclear option. Everyone's problems solved.

Neil Shakespeare said...

How long before somebody brings a challenge to Roe v. Wade before the 'New & Improved' Supreme Court? Is it already on the docket?