Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Is it me or is the Alito hearing really a snoozer? Folks are letting him off the hook left and right, and pitching softballs so slow, my dead grandmother could hit them out of the park.

What's more, I now realize how screwed we are getting by paying our congressional reps so much money for delivery of such hot air. Truly, that's what I think is undignified about the whole lot of them.

If I had a dime for ever time a senator says, "Now, I don't have much time here but...," or, "judge, now you have done a wonderful job..." Really, they should stop wasting our time and hard earned taxpayer dollars and be done with it, or get on with skewering him with some hard questions. I know some three year olds that can ask better questions, really!
"I understand, judge, I am the only one standing between you and lunch, so I'll try to make this painless. "SENATOR JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. before using his 30-minute time allotment at the confirmation hearing for Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.


enigma4ever said...

Snoozer..worse than Roberts- and that is saying alot....and yes, you are correct there is much softshoe pandering and pampering....I need maalox...( I wish that the Harriet Hearings had would have been much more real...)

Stacy said...

It's sickening. The dems will never be able to filibuster because they are handling him with kid gloves and they are not on message when they and their hired guns are on talk shows etc. They need to be ramming home how activist alito is and how his answers are basically meaningless and totally scripted to be uncontroversial. But his record speaks for itself.

The dems need to go before the American people every chance they get and say "this man is evasive and doesn't want you to know that he will take away rights you have taken for granted for so long you don't even give them a second thought" and they need to say outright their belief he will vote to overturn Roe and how he was likely selected by the POTUS because of his anti-constitutional deference to the Executive re: warrantless spying.

But I don't hear anything like that.