Sunday, January 15, 2006

In Good Faith or Constitutionally Ludicrous

All good faith and political permission the W ever had has been severly broken by his own actions. Bloggers have already pointed this out, but the NYTimes finally printed a statement about shrub's ludicrious signing statements that allows him to construe the law any damn way he well pleases. Nice for some one who thinks he's above the law.

Why republicans still trust their leaders is beyond me. Is it really that they couldn't find any republicans that are any better?
Mr. Bush, however, seems to see no limit to his imperial presidency. First, he issued a constitutionally ludicrous "signing statement" on the McCain bill. The message: Whatever Congress intended the law to say, he intended to ignore it on the pretext the commander in chief is above the law. That twisted reasoning is what led to the legalized torture policies, not to mention the domestic spying program.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Yeah, I saw that editorial. Well put. How stupid is a 'signing statement'? How childish. That's like having your fingers crossed. "You promised!" "Oh yeah? Well, I had my fingers crossed!"