Saturday, January 21, 2006

How To Stop At Least One Terrorist

From the mouth of OBL himself - too bad Shrub doesn't read.:
"And if Bush decides to carry on with his lies and oppression, then it would be useful for you to read the book 'Rogue State,' which states in its introduction: 'If I were president, I would stop the attacks on the United States: First, I would give an apology to all the widows and orphans and those who were tortured. Then I would announce that American interference in the nations of the world has ended once and for all.'

"By last night, "Rogue State" shot up from 205,763 to 26 on's index of the most-ordered books.
And Blum suggests an endorsement by OBL is just as good as one by Oprah. Wahoo. Really, Blum said:
Blum's exact words? "If I were the president, I could stop terrorist attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would first apologize -- very publicly and very sincerely -- to all the widows and orphans, the impoverished and the tortured, and all the many millions of other victims of American imperialism."
Sounds like a good idea, no? How about some more free advice, Mr. President:
"I am totally against what they did. But we cannot view that as totally the acts of a bunch of madmen. If we do . . . we will continue making the same mistakes, and the so-called war on terror will be as doomed to fail as the war on drugs."

In a chapter called "Why Do Terrorists Keep Picking on the United States?" Blum lists as possible reasons everything from support of Middle East dictators, including the Shah of Iran and Saudi rulers, to occupying military bases in the region, to favoring the Israelis over the Palestinians."

I think bin Laden shares that view, and that is why I'm not repulsed by his embrace of my book, because that is one of my major themes," Blum said.

When it is pointed out that terrorists target innocent civilians, which is not U.S. policy, he replies that U.S. tactics in Iraq have led to the deaths of thousands of civilians. "We bomb homes and these people have families, and the U.S. refuses to apologize for these civilian deaths," Blum said. "The absence of concern makes their actions almost equal to a deliberate targeting of civilians."


enigma4ever said...

I think we need to get this book...
and remember it is not that Bush Doesn't read...he Can't ....

Great post....brought up alot of the same things I was thinking about all day....

( Saturdays when I clean- esp the Kitty box I always think of the King)

Neil Shakespeare said...

I wonder what our 'civilian toll' is in Iraq & Afghanistan (and Pakistan) since this War of the Idiots started. 30,000 maybe? More? I bet we've outmurdered them 10 to 1 at least.

frstlymil said...

The civilian casualty toll on Iraqi civilians and their children is staggering - one that has neither been addressed by the government appropriately, nor do the actions of our country give any indication that the U.S. considers these people to be human. If they did, they would be more accountable. By reducing the importance of these people's lives to that of subhuman "other" they can sleep well at night, I suppose. Kind of the same way they do here with the poor. Sounds like a book I should read.