Monday, January 16, 2006

"Solid As A Rock"

Unfortunately, the Big Dick Cheney seems in it until the bitter end. He may be "solid as a rock," but his soul will have to pay for his sins here on earth (of which there are many). Too bad those in powerful positions have not, as of yet, been able to call him to the carpet to atone sooner rather than later.
Q Can I ask you another unrelated question? I wanted to ask you about Vice President Cheney. Do you think that he's going to be here until the end of the administration? And do you think that --

MRS. BUSH: Absolutely. I think Vice President Cheney's in great health and he's doing great.

Q You don't think that he -- the President would be upset if he decided to step down at this point?

MRS. BUSH: Yes, I'm sure the President would not like for him to step down, obviously. The Vice President has been an excellent Vice President, he's solid as a rock.

Q So you think he'll stay.


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RPM said...

I wouldn't want another vice president with the inside track in 2008.