Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Remorse - Should We Expect More?

So, this is the brand of compasionate conservative we like to have running the show. No remorse for those killed in Pakistan? WTF, it makes me sad to know that the Shrub can't own up to mistakes of this calibre. What's that about a special place in hell...
Q Pakistan has been very critical of the air strike that killed a number of people, apparently some innocent civilians, last week. Did the Prime Minister raise objections or concerns with the President today? And what did President Bush say in response?

MR. McCLELLAN: Prime Minister Aziz talked about this a little bit earlier. I don't think there's really a whole lot to add to what he already said. The two leaders had a very good discussion. They talked about how we're working together in the war on terrorism and how it's important to continue working together. They talked about continuing to work to improve cooperation and coordination. And the discussion that I sat in on, both in the Oval Office and the residence, focused on our ongoing efforts to defeat al Qaeda and to prevent attacks from happening, both against Pakistan and against the United States. And that's where the focus was.

Now, they also had some private time together in between the two meetings. But there's really nothing else to add to what I just said and what the Prime Minister said earlier today.

Pakistan is a valued ally in the global war on terrorism. We work very closely with Pakistan and we will continue to do so. This President has made it clear we're going to pursue terrorists wherever they are -- wherever they are. There is no negotiation with terrorists. These are people who are determined to harm innocent civilians in Pakistan, in America, and in countries around the civilized world. And the way to defeat them is to take the fight to them and prevent them from carrying out the attacks in the first place.

Q We haven't heard from the President on this. Can you tell us what the President said?

MR. McCLELLAN: As I said, I think I'll just leave it where I did and leave it where the Prime Minister did.
Oh, and if you bother to look at the statement from the PM, there is no mention of the incident. So, alas, if you expect genuine remorse from a person who claims that he values life and tries to foster a culture of life - well, then, Scotty's got a hearty figurative fuck you for ya (see above discourse).

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Anonymous said...

Should We Expect More?

Probably not. The operational words are, 'some innocent civilians.' The Pakistani PM probably cares less about the people killed by our Predator drone than we do.

The language of diplomacy prevents both sides from saying, 'We're glad these people who lay down with camels and get up with fleas are dead.'

Did 'innocent' people die because they extended traditional hospitality, or because they were harboring terrorists? Do we know what's in their hearts? Do they?