Thursday, January 05, 2006

Meanwhile, Back In Iraq

We find at least 7 more GIs who won't be casting ballots in aught six. Not to mention more innocent Iraqis used for target practice by the jihadists. This blogger is wondering why we are providing invaluable target practice for the terrorists when we really invaded Iraq under a false premise.
Seven U.S. soldiers were also blown up in two separate attacks; another three bombs exploded in Baghdad, two of them detonated by suicide bombers; and insurgents sabotaged an oil pipeline near the northern city of Kirkuk, causing a huge fire.
Never misunderestimate the damage a small number of fundamentalists can do to a country. Hmmm, I kind of like that sentence. Go ahead and quote me and be sure to expand on the double entendre.


isabelita said...

Oh, this bunch of barbarians is good, very good, at twisting the developments over there to fit whatever scenario they so desire. We all know it's about oil, and having a "military presence" in the Middle East. All they had to do was chant,"9/11, 9/11, 9/11", and Bob's your uncle, we're over there, "spreading democracy." Yeah, like some kind of venereal disease...Then, when things didn't wind up as quickly as they thought, and Saddam was out, they rapidly claimed they'd planned the 'flypaper" maneuver, to attract terrorists into Iraq so the poor fucked over soldier folks could nail 'em! Ha ha ha, joke's on them! It ian't gonna end, they never wanted it to, anyway, but they'll never get their hands on the oil.
And yes, the terrorists are indeed getting priceless practice. I still say, let the Repubs send their precious little spawn over there. I'd liek to see their next generation of "leaders" bite the dust.
And you know what? At the risk of sounding like a left wingnut, I shall repeat that I think Bush/Cheney/Rove at the very least knew something was afoot re 9/11, and let it proceed, since it was a fucking GIFT for them and their greedy power hungering plans. And I wouldn't rule out the possibility they actaully had a hand in palnning it. These are evil people we've got herre, evil on the scale of any Caesar or Hitler or Pol Pot.

Anonymous said...

'... Bush/Cheney/Rove at the very least knew something was afoot re 9/11, and let it proceed, since it was a fucking GIFT for them ...' - isabelita

You mean if Bush wanted to set up a dictatorship, going to war was the way to do it - 9/11 was the excuse, the Gulf on Tonkin incident.

From the Washington Post:

''Addington, 48, is in many ways Cheney's Cheney. Like his boss, he has exercised immense power without leaving many fingerprints. He operates with a decorous, low-key manner, but colleagues say he can intimidate and sometimes bully opponents. Though working out of the relative obscurity of the vice president's office, he has been able to impose his will on Cabinet secretaries and other senior administration officials. His influence rests on two pillars: his unyielding conviction that the powers of the president cannot be abridged in wartime, and the total support he receives from Cheney.'' More ...

Neil Shakespeare said...

I see they raised that count today to 11. They're still getting 'desperate' and we're still getting 'dead'.