Thursday, January 05, 2006

How Close Do You Get To Sit Next To The President?

If you were Jack Abramoff, pretty darn close. If you're Joe Bagadoughnuts American Taxpayer, you get stuck in the wake of Katrina or forgotten like a miner in the coal industry.
Q Any update on the Abramoff visits to the White House beyond the three parties that he attended?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, I indicated yesterday that I think there were some -- a few staff-level meetings. But, no, I'm making sure that I have a thorough report back to you on that. And I'll get that to you, hopefully very soon.

Well, shit - any one else having flashbacks to the Jeff Gannon/Guckert situation? How close to a sitting president will they let corrupt individuals get?

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enigma4ever said...

No kidding....good ol'Dale...and his Delaware offices, hmmm, wonder if he knew Scanlon? ( the Rehobeth lifeguard...) Talon Press ( the name of his little paper...
and was funded by some group down in Texas...some more sophisticated blog would still have the details- but I think you actually might be closer to the truth than you think....)