Friday, January 06, 2006

"Above The Politics"

I always get a warm fuzzy feeling in the middle of my tummy when politicians suggest they "are above politics." But what really burns my butt is a vice president who travels to Kansas City to give a speech at the Harley Davidson factory there and then proceeds to use the American GIs as a political lever to push their political agenda - especially the illegal wire tapping, and the illegitimate war on Iraq.

Pay very close attention to the last paragraph and the second to last sentence in this clip. Here' the Veep suggest that we souldn't play politics, but ask yourself, what the fuck is he doing in the Harley Davidson Factory in Kansas City in the middle of a very cold January Day? Never misunderestimate the thickness of the W, Rove and Co. hypocrisy.
The purpose of my visit today is to thank the men and women of the United States Army for the fantastic job they're doing for all of us. I'm guessing we may have a few veterans in the audience here today. (Applause.) And some members of the Guard and Reserve, as well. And I want to thank you for serving our country. I hope you won't mind if I start out today with a few comments about our military, and about the fight our nation is waging today.

Just a couple of weeks ago I went to Afghanistan and Iraq, and in both countries I had the chance to spend time with our soldiers, Marines, and Navy corpsmen deployed to that part of the world. As a former Secretary of Defense, I've never been more proud of our armed forces than I am today. Americans are out there every day, hunting down terrorist enemies -- and doing so under extraordinarily difficult conditions: some patrolling in high mountains in the dead of winter in Afghanistan; others, carrying heavy packs the 125-degree heat of the desert for 12, 14, 18 hours a day. They are doing all we have asked, performing with the great skill and honor that we expect of our men and women who wear the nation's uniform.

On occasion our military has received mixed signals in recent days from politicians about whether or not America has what it takes to stay in the fight. I assured them the American people do not support a policy of passivity, resignation, or defeatism in the face of the global terrorist threat. This is a battle for the future of civilization. It is a battle worth fighting. It is a battle we are going to win. (Applause.)

A vast effort like this naturally involves a home front, with a great deal of urgent and difficult work needed here, as well. Four years ago, Congress passed the Patriot Act, to give law enforcement all the tools they need to track down terrorists inside the United States. Lately the Patriot Act has become a victim of partisan politics. It was filibustered in the Senate last month, and Harry Reid boasted that he and his colleagues had "killed the Patriot Act." We managed to get a brief extension passed and it will expire next month -- Congress takes further. I think the security of the United States needs to be above politics. Congress needs to renew the Patriot Act. (Applause.)

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