Friday, April 14, 2006

Looks Like Rummy and The Big Dick Dip In The Same MSM "Journalist" Pool

In case you are/were fearful that the President was going to cut his trusted Secretary of Defense, you are mistaken.
I have seen first-hand how Don relies upon our military commanders in the field and at the Pentagon to make decisions about how best to complete these missions. Secretary Rumsfeld's energetic and steady leadership is exactly what is needed at this critical period. He has my full support and deepest appreciation
Still this is a sign that the president has his head screwed on sideways, if you ask me. Do note that this doesn't mean that the new Cheif of Staff won't have his way with Rummy - when he takes official duties after the 15th.

A long while back, I had suggested that as goes Iraq, so too will Rummy. I still think that is the case. This is the reason why so many Generals are sour on Rummy. Iraq is going very sour as well.

In case you missed the 11 April 2006 interview of Rummy by one, Tony Snow (of Feux - formerly Fox - News fame), you can bet it was the same old lopsided interview that he conducted with the Big Dick Cheney a while back. Again, to stop the propaganda catapult, I'm just pasting in Mr. Snow's questions so you can judge for yourself just how "fair and balanced," his reporting is and understand exactly why the W, Rove and Co specialize in giving interviews to very friendly "journalists."
SNOW: Mr. Secretary, you had a press conference, the members of the press tried with absolutely no success to get you to bite on whether the United States was prepared to go to war in Iran. Let me try a different tack which is pretty simple.

The average Iranian youth is more pro-American than the average US college professor. Is it part of our calculation that we don’t really want to be talking about war with Iran, because there is, in fact, a large pro-American cohort of people who would love to see our style of government, and we want to encourage them rather than turning them into anti-American patriots?

SNOW: Is it conceivable that the people of Iran at some point are going to say you know what? We’ve had enough of this. We want some democracy ourselves.

SNOW: So you do think there may be at some point - that yearning for freedom might create the kind of pressure that could lead the Mullahs into the history books?

SNOW: You’d certainly like it to happen, wouldn’t you?

SNOW: Secretary Rumsfeld, in watching this press conference I half got the impression that the press wants you to go to war in Iran. What do you think?

SNOW: [Laughter].

TONY SNOW: Let’s talk about Iraq a little bit. Newt Gingrich the latest to say okay, we need to get out.

Not so long ago you said that the withdrawal from Iraq would sort of be like withdrawing from Nazi Germany.

Do you think if the United States withdrew, whether on a Jack Murtha deadline or anybody else’s. If the United States swiftly withdrew, what would be the consequence?

SNOW: Do you get the sense looking at some of our European allies with the kinds of unrest that they’ve been facing in recent months, that they are starting to take maybe a little bit of a different look at the engagement in Iraq and starting to say to themselves, you know what, these Islamic fundamentalists, these terrorists, they’re all our enemies. Maybe we need to start working a little more closely with the US?

SNOW: Mr. Secretary, when you came to the Pentagon one of the first things you started talking about was reform of the military, and with some foresight you were talking about what we now call asymmetric warfare. Big nations versus loose-knit terrorist groups.

As you start looking forward, outline a little bit what you see the emerging new threats. You know the snare. People are always re-fighting the last war, even the war we’re in.

SNOW: Looking forward, what do you think we ought to be thinking about in the future?

SNOW: On the other hand, one of the things that this administration has said is that under the Doctrine of Preemption if you’re got a state that’s harboring that sort of stuff they’re an enemy and we may have to strike.

SNOW: Finally, back to the war in Iraq. Obviously we want to get out. We want to get out as soon as we can. But on the other hand we’ve got to wait until the job is finished. Do you see a year, two years, what kind of timeline do you foresee for Americans really in a serious way beginning to move out and hand everything over to the Iraqis?

SNOW: From one to ten, rate the accuracy of press coverage on Iraq.

SNOW: Thank you.

SNOW: I’m not. I’m asking you to be analytical.

SNOW: I guess you’re not biting, are you?

SNOW: All right, finally, We talk about this fairly often and I think it’s worth doing. At a time when you get plenty of criticism in the press one of the things that strikes me is within the military, we saw this with the reenlistment rate data, one of those government leaks. We had a government leak. Perhaps you haven’t heard it, but apparently people are reenlisting at a brisk rate and the Army is 15 percent over quota.

It appears that America really does support the military, and the military is supporting what you guys are doing.

SNOW: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It’s always a pleasure. Now get back to work.

SNOW: Good talking to you. Thanks.
How many votes does Tony Snow earn in the race to win the American Society of Sycophants Shill-of-the-Year award?

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Anonymous said...

We're living it.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: ''... The [American, ed.] people are proud people. They have a proud history. I can’t imagine that the young people and the women in that country admire the kinds of comments that are being made by their leaders in their government. Furthermore, I think they very likely do not want to be isolated from the world. They feel that they have a right to be a part of the world. And to the extent you have a government that’s behavior pattern is such that it tends to cause other nations to pull away and isolate their country, I can’t imagine that that’s a very pleasing thing.

There's no need to 'imagine' it. - ed.