Friday, April 28, 2006

Obviously, The President Thinks It's Okay To Outsource Defense Related Businesses To Dubai

Q Proud to be here, sir. Are there inherent and unavoidable risks in allowing the sale of a defense firm to interests owned by Dubai?

THE PRESIDENT: That question has been looked at very carefully, has been analyzed by a CFIUS committee. I signed off on it this morning because I'm convinced, at the recommendation of the CFIUS committee, as well as our military, that it's a sale that should go through.
What do you think? If Dubai is not good for ports, can it be good for defense related firms?

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Absolutely. In fact, I think we should turn our entire military over to Dubai, and then after that we can sell 'em the whole fuckin' country. Then they can guard their own ports, cuz they'll own 'em.