Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poetry To The People

Kvatch over at Blognonymous had an interesting poem posted today. It spured this poem from me:

Hark, what is this I hear
That little ringing in your ear
Of welfare, but for whom?

Dirty Oil Barons loom
Circling, licking their chops
For just another drop

Of Blood and Oil
For ordinary Americans Toil (and GIs Doomed)
To fatten up the coffers

Of the Chexonmotexoil larders
While the W, Rove and Co spindle
fold, mutilate and swindle

Our constitution and environment
For political gain, and profits meant
for all pals of big-oil's government

Thought others might like to take a stab at their variation on the themes.

Blog on all, blog on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the link and for the verse. You just can't go wrong with commentary in meter with rhyme, IMHO.