Friday, April 28, 2006

Abolish FEMA?

Six weeks away from what is a good question:
Q Abolish FEMA?

THE PRESIDENT: I've looked at all suggestions, but my attitude is let's make it work. We're about six weeks away from -- we're getting pretty close.
Another good question could be: Is FEMA worth our hard earned taxpayer dollars?


Neil Shakespeare said...

Let's hope it's six weeks away from abolishing George. (Do we have to impeach him? Can't we just abolish him?)

Left of Center said...

funny, Leiberman and Collins were the ones that pushed for FEMA to be put into the DHS. Now after it's been messed up by this administration they say "oh well FEMA is broken". I say fix it, give it it's cabinet status again, and fund it.

SheaNC said...

On one hand, I think we do need a federal agency of some kind to respond to certain emergencies. But according to this info (link, FEMA is way too powerful; operating domestic prison camps waiting for marial law to be declared, etc. Maybe something a little less Orwellian would be in order 8^)