Saturday, April 22, 2006

Windspike's Weekend Question

Recent presidential malpractice over past few days has me wondering: Just how much vacation time do you get?

Those of you in SF Bay Area know that the W, Rove and Co propaganda parade (built and run on your tax dollars) has hit the outskirts of San Francisco. But, the W isn't brave enough to set foot in the fair city by the bay - not even to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake. He tinkers round the edges and then floats over in Marine 1 up to Napa Valley, for what? Vacation.

Why was he meeting with Mr. Shultz? With the Big Dick Cheney, Rummy and the like, it appears that maybe W is (most likely at the behest of Uncle Karl) going to bring back another of the founding fathers of the new American Empire?

Oh, on another note, I was watching an earlier version of Tivo-ed Dave Letterman when he suggested that, (and I paraphrase) "April 18th was the 100th anniversary of the Great 1906 Quake in San Francisco....[great pause]. Don't worry, FEMA is on the way."


Left of Center said...

Either they are completely cowardly and truly distane those that disagree with them, or they simply dont care and avoid as one would avoid a pothole in the road. Not wanting to slow down the machinery of their plots.

Kathleen Callon said...

Bush is visiting the marine base in 29 Palms tomorrow. Good chance I'll be by the entrance on Adobe with a sign saying "Bring Our Troops Home NOW". Since he's flying in and not driving through the gate, I can't decide whather I should. (I don't want to upset any of the military or families there, but since most of them seem to agree with me, I'd like to do it.)

Kathleen Callon said...


windspike said...


It does seem like the Shrubmeister and his posse of riechwingers is doing a lot of helecoptering about. 29 Palms is the desert warfare training center. When I was in the Joshua Tree, one evening we saw flares bursting in the air and heard the big guns poping in the distance...glad these guys on our side, for sure. But I sure wish that the civilians in charge had half a brain between them.

No doubt, all the military families I know are in favor of bringing the troops home sooner than later, so you would probably get a whole lot of support. Indeed, most of the GIs I know suggest that the very reason they are fighting is not to "free" Iraq, but to support our freedoms here at home...which also, by the way, seems like the W, Rove and Co is not for at all - re: spying on Americans without a warrent, putting people in jail with no cause, charges or due process....

Well, you get the idea.

Let us know if you do it and how it goes.

Blog on sister

Oh, and LoC - I think you are right on all counts.

dusty said...

I saw that episode of Letterman. He has gotten much more political in the last couple years, he blasts the Shrub nightly now.

Would Shultz be so stupid as to join this band of wingnuts? Its a sinking ship and usually people are running the other direction.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the President's handlers ever allowing him set foot inside San Francisco. Can you imagine...instead of having to direct the arrest of a single Fulan Gong protester, he'd have to get half the city arrested.

LondonCaspian said...

Nice blog. I can't say I understand all the slang, but I get the overall picture.

I may side-bar link to your blog from mine... give me some time.