Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Good, Crisp Information"

It's too bad the W wasn't looking for "good, crisp infromation," before he decided it was time to send troops into harm's way(incidentially, in case you didn't notice, the price for the "mission" in Iraq was just increased by ten more US troops). We could have avoided the whole, terrible, and costly blunder.

It's clear by this statement by the President that the whitehouse has sprung more than one leak. How big? It's going to just be a matter of time before we find out how many rats are let off over the next few weeks. Of course, we know that the W, Rove and Co has a history of misleading us. So we will just have to wait and see on this one rather than expect answers to very direct questions:
Q Thank you, sir. Your new Chief of Staff takes over soon, and I'm wondering, is there likely to be far-reaching changes in the staff at the White House? And is Secretary Snow expected to stay on?

THE PRESIDENT: Secretary Snow is here at the table. He's been a part of this discussion. I'm glad you brought him up. He has been a valuable member of my administration, and I trust his judgment and appreciate his service.

I've, as you know, accepted the resignation of Andrew Card, my long-time friend, a person who will go down in the annals as one -- a really fine Chief of White House in the history of the White House. I've asked Josh Bolten to take his place. Josh has served us very well as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. I told Josh that he is -- will organize the White House in such a way that he is comfortable with and that meets my needs. And my needs are to have good, crisp information so I can make decisions on behalf of the American people.

And I look forward to Josh's recommendations as to how to get this White House to -- for the last two-and-a-half years of my administration to continue to function in an effective way, and it functioned very effectively under Andy Card, by the way. I'm most proud of his administration and proud of the team that he assembled.


Kvatch said...

...a really fine Chief of White House in the history of the White House.

Good crisp information is like good crisp lettuce, but unfortunately after reading that exchange, I think Bush's brain may have wilted.

isabelita said...

Crisp, as in piles of unmarked new hundred dollar bills...

Anonymous said...

On the White House link

Bush: The one way to help bring confidence to the Iraqi people that those few will not be able to determine the future of that country is for there to be a unity government that steps up and says, I'm willing to lead. And so I sent Secretary Rice to Iraq with that message.

When 'political correctness' doesn't get the job done:

During Secretary Rice's press conference, held after she met with the elected Iraqi leadership and delivered Bush's message, her voice was shaking.

It's deja vu April Glaspie delivering a message to Saddam. Arab men have no respect for women. Why does our President send them?

Jeremy said...

I think he did have good, crisp info. Saddam was contained, nothing was found by the inspectors, and Iraq was not working with al Qaeda.

Sounds pretty crisp to me. Crunchy even.