Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Trouble With The Republican Leadership

I got to thinking this AM on my run. What's the trouble with the republican "leadership?" Essentially, these folks truly believe they are benevolent, magnanimous, generous people who have been put into leadership positions for whatever reason - and some times claiming God put them there. They also have elevated their actions to the level of being on par or better than our founding fathers.

Certainly, truth is a slave to perception, but my reality suggests they are anything but all those gallant words they suggest they are and we are not. Not even remotely close to being as important as our founding fathers. Moreover, their own thinking about themselves greases the skids for their further transgressions. Hey, if they do it (whatever) in the name of a "noble" cause, somehow, I am the one who is unpatriotic for pointing out it's against the law?

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SheaNC said...

Why, you scheming anarchist,you... we all know everything they did was Clinton's fault.