Friday, December 30, 2005

Sneaky, Mr. President. Very Sneaky.

Let's just say you are an average American. You happened to email folks here and abroad on a regular basis and you called a friend recently in London. You were spied upon. The good folks of the NSA decide you are a threat, and pick you up. You get booked and flown to Guantanamo - detained indefinitely and never charged and completely denied your due process rights. Do you have a way to plow through the legal minefield to demand vindication and your rights back? Nope. Not as of today, courtesy of your federal government and the good ol' boys of the W, Rove and Co:
I also appreciate the legislation's elimination of the hundreds of claims brought by terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that challenge many different aspects of their detention and that are now pending in our courts.
Of course, W appreciates this - when do you think he will be rendered anprosecuteded for war crimes?

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enigma4ever said...

when will he get prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against Humanity- ot the WHOLE lot of them...not soon enough...