Sunday, December 18, 2005

40 Santas on Public Transit

My spouse and I were taking public transit to go see Billy Crystal's 700 Sunday's last night. When, out on the street there arose such a clatter, slightly over 40 Santas - and one Hanukkah Claus (in blue suit, shall and yarmulka too boot) - jumped on our train.

When queried, they were reluctant to say, what's up with all the folks in red suits? One offered a explanation, "It's Christmas," and another offered me a shot. What's in that flask I ask, Santa says, "Whiskey, Of Course!" And another rendition of Jingle Bells shook our train on down the track.

Turns out, these Santa shenanigans happened all about the globe on the same eve. Nothing like a little bit of Santarchy to get you in the Holiday Spirit.

Blog on all, blog on. Oh, and HO, HO, HO - Truth is more entertaining than fiction, if not stranger than most.


Neil Shakespeare said...

"Santarchy". Yeah, I saw something about that. New word to me too. Three new words this week for me: santarchy, newlyseps and homosocial.

Anonymous said...

NSA Warning:

40 Al Qaeda operatives in Santa suits are headed for public transportation. Be on the lookout. Also one night flyer powered by reindeer but even we don't believe that one.

New Year's Eve, code Red! smallpox spread by kissing and fornication. Field investigators are doing their homework to determine whether or not this is real or only a rumor spread by wives.