Sunday, December 18, 2005

How Much Weight Should One Letter Carry

The W, Rove and Co is getting a lot of political milage out of the supposed letter from Zawahiri to Zarqawi. Should we trust these guys that such a letter exists - like WMD or Yellow Cake in Africa?
And recently we got our hands on a message from bin Laden's deputy, Zawahiri, sent to Zarqawi. The letter makes clear that Iraq is part of a larger plan of imposing Islamic radicalism across the broader Middle East, making Iraq a terrorist haven and a staging ground for attacks against other nations. Zawahiri also expresses the view that America can made to run again. But we're giving him an education. We're in this fight to win. These colors don't run.
So, was this the front on the war on terror before we made it so? Well, we know that the colors don't run, but they can be put into hock so that future generations will be paying for the mistakes of the W, Rove and Co.


Neil Shakespeare said...

I just love that laundry metaphor.

Anonymous said...

But seriously, folks

The Comments on this blog are getting funnier and funnier, and better and better. Comics are serious people, to be taken seriously. No one who isn't serious sees the need to be funny.

And now ...

The adminstration mouthpieces always paint Al Qaeda as winners. As long as they exist as 'winners' the administration has a suitable enemy, one that justifies deploying the might of the US Army. Make no mistake, the US Army is a formidable fighting force that even US private 'contractors' (friendlies) in Iraq don't want to get near.

Al Qaeda is nothing than a bunch of utopian boys playing soldier with real weapons. In the that light, invading Iraq was an over reaction all out of proportion to the threat - a mistake. The administration continues to conflate Al Qaeda with 'winners' to cover it's mistake.

A return to the middle ages is a program singularly lacking in appeal

No one, anywhere, wants to see Al Qaeda win, therefore they can't win. Except when they're in your immediate neighborhood it's safe to ignore them.