Friday, December 09, 2005


Anyone tired of the "holiday" season yet? The green and red is thick like molasses round here. In honor of the mad, slow march to the 25th, I thought I would ask a quick question over the weekend. Let's call this Windspike's Christmas Question:
Ebeneezer Scrooge. The Grinch. Two stalwarts from modern vernacular. Mention their names and you get the usual Bah Humbug. Why is it that folks remember only the negative aspects of these Christmas characters rather than their amazing transformations and ensuing beneficence?


Anonymous said...

It's 'hamster,' not 'hampster,' and they're depressed

''There is no ''P''. Dear god. After all those years of that fucking hampsterdance crap, people would've learnt that that's the wrong way to spell it.''

It's 'Holiday' season, not 'Xmas.' Sheesh!

SheaNC said...

An interesting question indeed... perhaps evil is more compelling. More fascinating. Like, when actors always say they enjoy playing villains best. We see more Darth Vader toys than Luke Skywalker toys. Of course, it A Christmas Carol was written today, there would be a sequel called Scrooge II: It's Arbor Day, Ebenezer!