Saturday, December 24, 2005

All I Want For Christmas

Last month, when the Good Guys closed it's doors, I snapped up a 32 in LCD television by HP at a serious discount. It rocks. HD ready and the full gambit of connections. Subsequently, my spouse and I are not swaping gifts - we already have everything we need.

Two days ago, my sons and I dropped off three toys to St. Anthony's as they were having a Christmas celebration and giving out donated toys to tots with no wherewithall here in our own city. The boys already have a mountain of toys, and more under the tree from the steady stream incoming via UPS and the grandparents, etc...

So, I sit contemplating what would be nice to have, in reality, for christmas beyond superficial wishes such as those espoused by the President (incidentially, it doesn't seem necessary with over 30K Iraqis killed by our guns to point out the hypocrisy of his wishes, but I guess I just did - please do recognize that he is not wishing for peace but simply suggesting this is "a time of joy and peace"):
Good morning. On this Christmas Eve, Laura and I send our best wishes to families across America as you gather in your homes to celebrate the holiday. Christmas is a time of joy and peace, and we hope the holiday season brings all of you happy reunions with families and friends, and time to rest and reflect as you look forward to a new year.
So, rather than type out a list of Christmas wishes - I thought it would be interesting and, okay I'll say it, nice to have folks leave one wish as a comment here.

So, let's call this Windspike's Merry Christmas Beyond the Superficial Wish List (sounds rather Seussian, no?). The challenge is to, if you could wish only one wish and have it granted, what wish would it be and do explain why. Perhaps the infinate karma of the blogisphere will make more than one come to fruition.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


enigma4ever said...

Well,well, this is a good one, I could be selfish and ask to wake and find Bono under my tree...(sigh)...oh,yeah, back to reality....That the Congress and the Senate and the Media sit back and really suck on the Spy Egg Nog and REALIZE THAT ALL OF US- INCLUDING THEM WERE SPIED ON..ALL OF US...AND THAT YES, INDEEDY - THERE NEED TO BE IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS INITIATED BEFORE THE DAMN ALITO MESS.....And I wish this because the sooner that starts the sooner we can reclaim our Constitution, bring our troops home, prevent any further damage, and maybe just save our country and the World any more Hardship.....( which our children will inherit as well)...okay that was a long Wish, sorry.
Peace and good wishes to you and yours, thank you for your Blog and all that it means. Namaste.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Whirled peas. Definitely whirled peas. And best to you and yours,....

SheaNC said...

My one wish is kind of personal... do I dare? Okay, here goes.

In Nov 2000, a man sped through a red light, smashed into our (my wife and I) car, and destroyed our lives. The lives we knew, and the hopes we had, are gone forever. My wife already was suffering from a herniated disc at the time, but the accident almost killed her and left her permanently disabled and in debilitating, chronic pain. Since then, our lives have been about pain, lack of mobility, doctors, medicine, health plans, bureacracy, and more pain.

So, my wish would be that my wife could be free of pain. Sorry for the downer, but you know... I think about having a wish granted all the time. And that's my wish.